Fire Up the Crowd!

by Zachary Zalneraitis on 7 February 2013

With the current political climate and the occurrence of several pro-2nd Amendment rallies, events and news stories lately, we felt it necessary to issue some guidance on how to participate in these activities, should you wish to do so.

As an organization, Students for Concealed Carry focuses solely on the issue of concealed carry on college campuses. We do not hold an official position on issues such as open carry, Constitutional (unlicensed) carry, carry on K-12 campuses, or the “assault weapons” ban.

However, we are at heart a group whose argument is founded under the protections granted by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution (and article 1, section 8 of Florida’s Constitution). If these protections are removed, our arguments essentially become useless.

Therefore, I encourage participation in 2nd Amendment events as members of Students for Concealed Carry. If questioned about our stances on any of these other issues, say that we support the right to keep and bear arms, but we are solely focused on restoring the option of effective self-defense on college campuses.

If you wish to participate and express support for other issues, we recommend contacting a broader based state level group such as Florida Carry, Inc, but that you don’t act as a representative of our group when making those statements and be aware of how statements and actions can be correlated and perceived.

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